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Acceptable Usage Policy

Users of ZSD's services are expected to abide by ZSD's "Acceptable Usage Policy" as posted on ZSD's web site at Acceptable Usage Policy

This policy may be amended from time to time and such amendments published on this website. It is incumbent on Users to read the policy and to monitor if for such changes.

ZSD reserves the right to discontinue service at ZSD's sole discretion, with or without warning, if ZSD believes this policy has been violated.


Complaints regarding the unacceptable use of ZSD's services should be addressed, by e-mail, to abuse@zsd.co.za.

Illegal Activities:

ZSD's services may not be used for any purpose which contravenes the laws of South Africa. It may not be used to create, store or disseminate any illegal content. It may not be in a manner which infringes upon the copyrights or other intellectual property rights of other parties.

Unauthorized Interaction with Other Computers Connected to the Internet:

Any action which is designed to gain un-authorized access to information is not permitted. Nor are un-authorised attempts to test or scan other systems for vulnerabilities. Any action which is designed to interfere with the operation of any other computer connected to the Internet is not permitted. Any unauthorised action which is designed to monitor data or traffic or system connected to the Internet is not permitted. Any attempt to forge or manipulate information included with normal internet traffic, such as TCP-IP packet headers, e-mail headers and newsgroup headers is not permitted.

Sending of multiple, unsolicited, e-mail and or news group messages.

The sending of unwanted messages, unsolicited messages, or multiple copies of messages to e-mail recipients or news groups (ie "spam") is not permitted. Typical examples of unacceptable behaviour include unsolicited commercial messages, chain letters, competitions which promote the sending of unsolicited messages, cross postings on news groups and e-mail lists, non-adherence to the charter of news groups and e-mail lists.

Acceptable Usage Policies of Suppliers of Internet Services to ZSD:

Users are expected to adhere to the acceptable usage policies of organisations which supply services to ZSD. Specifically those of:

Actions of 3 rd Parties:

Customers are responsible for ensuring that 3 rd parties who gain access to ZSD's facilities via the customer's access rights, do not make unacceptable use of these facilities. This is applicable whether or not such 3 rd parties acted with or without the authority or consent of the customer.

Corrective Actions:

ZSD reserves the right to discontinue service at ZSD's sole discretion, with or without warning, if ZSD believes this policy has been violated. However ZSD may chose to take alternative actions, such as user education, if ZSD believes such action is appropriate.

ZSD will act on any "Take Down" notice received in terms of Section 77 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions (ECT) Act of South Africa.

Limitations and Restrictions placed on Services:

ZSD reserves the right to limit or filter internet services, so as to limit the negative effects that actions of other parties, be they other customers of ZSD or external parties, may have on ZSD Customers. These actions may constist of, but are not limited to:

  • Filtering of mail arriving at ZSD's mail servers: Any mail that is determined as being bulk unsolicited mail (ie spam) or mail designed to negatively affect the recipient (ie malware or viruses ) may be rejected. The classification of e-mail will be done entirely automatically using technologies, tools, criteria and services selected, configured and programmed by ZSD at their sole discretion. Some of these technologies rely on information provided by outside parties, this information is used automatically without any additional verification by ZSD.

    Mail that is rejected, will be rejected in a manner that conforms with applicable Internet Standards, such that the sender of the mail should be notified of the non-acceptance of their e-mail - provided that the sender also adheres to these standards.
  • "Shaping" of the service such that the traffic generated by one, or a small group of customers, does not have a negative effect on the overall service delivered to the majority of our customers. This shaping may be implemented by ZSD, or by any of our upstream suppliers.