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Linux Based Small Business Servers 

ZSD focus on Linux servers for Small Business applications. See more details here


E-mail accounts. Hosted in South Africa, by South Africans on Open Source software. Enjoy having support staff that you can talk to, actively managed anti-spam and anti-virus filters and the peace of mind afforded by South African Constitution and Privacy Laws.

For security and convenience, we can provide dedicated customer e-mail servers, hosted on customer sites or in ZSD cloud hosting.

Domain registrations

  • ZSD can register .co.za, .com, .net, .org, .org.za, .net.za, .co.uk, .capetown, .joburg and many more domain names.
  • Domain names are registered to the end user, and thus you have the option of keeping your domain name if you ever wish to change to a new ISP.
  • We manage domain registrations under exotic and unusual hierarchies, like Top Level Country Codes for various African states and off shore islands. Contact us for advice on availability, costs and restrictions like language and residency.
  • Please note domain registrations are subject to conditions and regulations prescribed by the authorities responsible for each domain hierarchy.
  • Contact ZSD to determine the availability of your preferred domain names and for suggestions on possible alternative names and domain hierarchy's.

You can use the domain for your email address and webpage e.g yourname@yourdomain.co.za and www.yourdomain.co.za. Please note that domain registration only reserves the domain for your use, email and web hosting services need to be contracted separately.


ZSD are resellers for many infrastructure providers and ISP's including Openserve, Seacom, Internet Solutions, Webafrica and Axxess through which we offer a wide range connectivity options.

ZSD have reseller agreements which allow us to offer a wide range of services throughout South Africa. We can offer user friendly advice on the most suitable options for each user.

Please contact ZSD and we can advise on the availability of services at your physical address and packages that we can offer for the specific infrustructure provider.

  • Uncapped FTTH fibre service to South African homes served by the following Fibre Network Operators:
  • We also offer Openserve ADSL and FTTH fibre with separate line rental and data contracts:
  • Business Fibre
    • Bespoke fibre cable installations into customer premises which may require trenching and leeways on public property.
    • Uncapped, unshaped bandwidth.
    • Actively monitored.
    • Minimum contract period, typically 24 months and installation fees applicable.
    • Available in many areas in South Africa.
    • We also have Business Fibre services available via Fibre Network Operators who normally focus on home FTTH services, in specific areas.
    • Forward your physical address to ZSD to check availability and quotation.
  • Fixed Location LTE services.
    • Cost effective "fixed LTE" packages optimised for static users (eg LTE routers), rather than roaming users (eg cell phones).
    • Mobile data for Cell phones for MTN contract customers and dual sim phones.
    • Coverage in many parts of South Africa.
    • Packages available for MTN and Telkom networks.
    • Contact ZSD with your details of your physical address so that we can advise on signal coverage in your area and pricing of suitable services.


ZSD have facilities for hosting websites, web servers and mailing lists. We offer a full range of hosting technologies and we can setup customized servers and services to meet client requirements. Contact ZSD for advice, quotations and application forms.

Website Hosting

  • Virtual Web Servers on Shared Hosting Platforms
    • FTP access to upload pages.
    • Optional PHP scripting.
    • Optional MySQL database support.
    • Free "LetsEncrypt" SSL certificates and HTTPS support with some packages.
    • Access to raw log files, if you wish to do your own analysis.
    • CGI scripts for forms to e-mail pages and counters.
    • Support for user controlled password protection for private pages.
    • Advanced security system on servers to isolate websites in the event that one site gets compromised.
    • Active scanning of websites to detect compromises.
    • Nightly back ups of all websites and databases.
    • Full technical support from our helpline.
  • Virtual Servers
    • Configured to your requirements and hosted on ZSD's servers.
    • Security, stability and performance for high traffic websites
  • Physical Servers Configured and hosted for to meet your requirements.
    • Convenient physical access for servers hosted in our Claremont POP during office hours.
    • Alternative hosting in national and international co-hosting centers.
    • Bring your own hardware and software licences Or rent a complete server with software from ZSD.
    • Optional application installation, maintenance and support.

Mailing Lists

  • We host mailing lists for bona-fida, applications.
  • Web based interface to configure and manage your mailing list.
  • Support for list configuration, training and importing of member databases.
  • Strict non-spamming policy to maintain the highest reputation for mail sent from our infrastructure.
  • Ideal for clubs, societies, body corporates etc to communicate with their members.
  • Flexible configurations cater for self subscribing/unsubscribing, control of who can post, list moderation etc

Cloud Platform Servers

  • Our cloud platform servers allow clients and teams to share data in a controlled manner.
  • Client applications for mirroring data to laptops and PCs.
  • Client applications for Android and Apple mobile devices.
  • Costs are scalable for large teams.
  • Keep total control of your data and your members.
  • A commercial solution which allows you to be the client and not the product.
  • Multiple hosting options available.
    • Hosted on shared server by ZSD.
    • Virtual server at ZSD.
    • Virtual on your site.
    • Physical server on your site.