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Your webpages must be uploaded into a directory called "public_html" under your home directory, using the "FTP" protocol.

Your home directory must be world readable to allow others to see your pages. This will normally be setup when your account is created. However if you suspect your account is not configured correctly please contact ZSD.
Uploading Pages
Most web authoring software supports the FTP protocol. There are many useful utility programs which can do this too. You can even do FTP uploads from a DOS command prompt. Whatever your choice of FTP tool you will have to configure your software. Please make sure you setup all of the following:
  • Your ftp software must log into same domain as the website that you are uploading, eg "www..co.za". Users of personal homepages must upload their pages to "users.zsd.co.za". (Previously we used a server named "nimbus.zsd.co.za". This server is no longer used for hosting webpages, so you must use the above URL to upload your pages to the correct server.)
  • You must authenticate using your account name and password.
  • You must upload pages into the sub-directory "/public_html".
  • NB: filenames on URL's are case sensitive. For example, if you have a link pointing to "myfile.htm" and you upload "MYFILE.HTM" your link will not work.
If you are experiencing problems, you can you email the pages to ZSD. We will put them up and make sure that you directory permissions are set etc. After that, please use your own ftp client.
You are welcome to include a link to the ZSD home page, eg "This Page is Hosted by ZSD" - linked to
http://www.zsd.co.za. If you let us know when your page is ready we will set up a link from the ZSD website to your home page.