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Web counters are useful for givin you a rough idea of how many people are visiting your site.
How To Add A Counter
To add a counter to your website add the following source code to your HTML page:
<img src="http://www.zsd.co.za:/cgi-bin/wwwcount.cgi? df=counter.dat&ft=0"> 

The counter should then appear like this:

The "counter.dat" can be any name you wish i.e. test.dat, john.dat. The file gets created automatically on our server, so there is no need to upload the file or for it to already exist. With counters you can also change the colour and writing. For a full list of all the different counter appearances, take a look at Count2_5-ex.html. If you want to study the full details about this program have a look at Count.html. Please note however, that it is not necessary to read all of this this to put a counter on a website.