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The Postman service is our e-mail only dial-up service. Users must dial into our local point of presence in Cape Town. They can only send and receive e-mail and access our webmail server. They are not able to surf the internet or download newsnet articles.

Postman accounts can also be accessed via the internet, eg via other dial-up accounts, corporate LAN's and Internet cafes. Refer to the suppliers of those services if you need assistance with their services.

This service has simple Usernames of up to 8 characters. They are all lowercase and the username often forms the first portion of your e-mail address. They do not contain an "@", nor do they start with the prefix "zsd".
Dial-Up Phone Numbers
Cape Town Point of Presence:
Internet Access:      021-683-8820
International Prefix: +27 (for users outside South Africa)
E-Mail Settings
These are settings for your e-mail program:
Username:       same as dial-up username
Password:       same as dial-up password
E-mail Address: contact ZSD
POP3 Server:    mail.zsd.co.za
SMTP Server:    smtp-ct.zsd.co.za 
                (Please note that you can only use this server if you
                dial directly into our Cape Town PoP as described above. 
                If you connect via the Internet, you must use the SMTP 
                server provided with the Internet connection that you 
                are using.)
IMAP Server:    imap.zsd.co.za (alternate to POP 3)