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These settings only apply to our dial up users with "Platinum" service with international roaming option.

This service has Usernames of the format <username>@zsd.co.za. They are all lowercase. They do not contain a "zsd???", nor do they use their e-mail username to connect.

Please dowload copies of the dial-up program and spreadsheet before you leave on your trip.
Dial-Up Phone Numbers
National of Presence:
(Local call charge from anywhere in South Africa)
Internet Access:      0860 88 3425
International Access: Please download and update this program
                      Alternatively, setup your dial-up settings using 
                      this spreadsheet
E-Mail Settings
These are settings for your e-mail program:
Username:       upto 8 letters, usually the first part of your e-mail address
Password:       normally the same as dial-up password
E-mail Address: contact ZSD
POP3 Server:    pop3.zsd.co.za
SMTP Server:    smtp.<iso code>.uudial.com
                The iso contractions are available on this spreadsheet
                You will need to change your SMTP server for each country visited.
IMAP Server:    imap.zsd.co.za (alternate to POP 3)