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Users of our Capetonian service must dial into our local point of presence in Capetown. They can browse the internet, send and receive e-mail and download newsnet articles.

This service has simple Usernames of up to 8 characters. They are all lowercase and the username often forms the first portion of your e-mail address. They do not contain an "@", nor do they start with the prefix "zsd".
Dial-Up Phone Numbers
Cape Town Point of Presence:
Internet Access:      021-683-8820
International Prefix: +27 (for users outside South Africa)
E-Mail Settings
These are settings for your e-mail program:
Username:       same as dial-up username
Password:       same as dial-up password
E-mail Address: contact ZSD
POP3 Server:    pop3.zsd.co.za
SMTP Server:    smtp-ct.zsd.co.za
IMAP Server:    imap.zsd.co.za (alternate to POP 3)
Proxy Server
The correct setting of the proxy server will improve the speed and reliability of your service.

Protocol     Server           Port
http         proxy.zsd.co.za  8080
gopher       proxy.zsd.co.za  8080
ftp          proxy.zsd.co.za  8080

Please note the "proxy.zsd.co.za 8080" settings can be used for https, but there is no performance improvement for encrypted connections as secure data is not cached.
News Server
If you you want to subscribe to News Groups:
nntp server:     news.zsd.co.za
username:        not required
password:        not required