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The "Zslic" (Zomerlust Superior Lan Internet Communicator) is a Linux based server designed to provide Internet and E-mail to small to medium sized offices.

This service has been a major focus of ZSD's for over 5 years. We have developed the platform to provide an optimal solution in the South African telecommunications environment. This, together with ZSD's comprehensive support and backup provides our customers with an E-mail and Internet solution that they can rely on while they focus on running their own businesses.

Connectivity is typically via ISDN dial-up but it can also be used on analogue dial-up and leased connections. It is stable, cost effective and secure and flexible enough to be used on networks from 2 PC's to over 200 PC's.

ZSD have facilities for hosting websites, webservers and mailing lists. We offer a full range of hosting technologies and we can setup customized servers and services to meet client requirements.

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Zslic Functionality
From an End User perspective, the Zslic offers the following functionality:
  • Shared connection to the Internet via analogue or dial-up ISDN
  • All users E-mail downloaded in a single call
  • Utility for Windows(tm) users to monitor and control dial-up link
  • Internal E-mail within office
  • POP3, IMAP and webmail access to local mailboxes
  • Quick convenient E-mail service
  • Improved browsing response times
  • Optional remote dial-in access to e-mail and office file servers
  • Optional fax server
Zslic Management Features
From a management perspective, the Zslic offers the following features:
  • Call history logs to monitor costs
  • Controlled access to the Internet
  • Filtering of executable E-mail attachments to prevent virus propagation
  • Monitoring and Reporting Features on E-mail and Internet Usage
  • No screen or keyboard required, saves costs and space
  • Optional mailing list management software
  • Optional mirroring feature for website mirrors or backups
  • Can be used as a file server
  • Firewall functionality to protect Local Area Networks
Zslic, Total Solution
The Zslic server is provided as part of a total solution. You do not need to have any computer skills to to benefit from all of the features, as it is remotely managed by ZSD.
  • Telephonic support, for administrators and end users
  • Remote maintenance and updates via Internet
  • Carry in support in the event of a major problem
  • Virus filtering on ZSD's central E-mail server
  • Mail feed via compressed UUCP protocol from ZSD's mailservers
  • Dial-up account for Internet connectivity
  • Monitoring of telephone call history by ZSD, with exception reporting system to give early warning of problematic behavior
  • Configuration data is backed up remotely at ZSD. We can be rebuild any server from scratch within hours in the event of a total loss.
  • Additional services such as domain registration and web hosting available
Zslic Technology
The Zslic incorporates the following technology to meet its requirements:
  • Advanced "dial-on demand" filtering to prevent unnecessary phone calls
  • E-mail feed via ultra stable UUCP protocol
  • DNS server
  • Proxy cache server
  • Intranet web server
  • Remote access RAS server
  • DHCP server for automatic client network configuration
  • Automatic client browser configuration
  • Optional mirrored disk drives for maximum reliability
  • "Debian" Linux based system with advanced remote management features